Today’s games and amusement fans request better occasion encounters from the minute they leave their home. With IBM’s Smarter Stadium Network advancements conveyed through the cloud alongside plan and improvement ability from IBM Interactive Experience, AMBSE hopes to offer fans a really immersive occasion day at the new Atlanta stadium all the way.


“We realize that making a definitive fan encounter implies meeting fans where they are, giving them the stage to communicate consistently, and acquainting them with new offerings that surpass desires,” said Rich McKay, President and CEO of the Atlanta Falcons. “IBM comprehends the dedication we are making to our fans and will help us reset the bar regarding fan involvement, innovation and maintainability for games and amusement buildings comprehensively.”

IBM’s times of experience changing the fan involvement with major worldwide donning occasions, for example, Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open, Masters Golf Tournament and the U.S. Open golf and tennis titles will help AMBSE characterize and make a novel, drawing in condition for guests of the new stadium.

“Technically knowledgeable customers rely on their gadgets to improve their everyday lives whether at work, shopping at the shopping center or going to an occasion,” said Jared Miller, AMBSE Chief Technology Officer. “By cooperating with IBM, we will guarantee our fans and visitors an unparalleled intelligent and drawing in understanding, making the new Atlanta stadium the marquee games and stimulation setting all around.”

AMBSE will group with IBM Interactive Experience to use the energy of portability to make a very relevant, more customized amusement day encounter for fans, all through the incorporation of examination, versatile, social, security and cloud advancements to make this a reality. IBM is the Official Lead Integrator for the New Atlanta Stadium.

IBM’s Smarter Stadium Network will furnish ABMSE with driving edge wifi framework that will empower visitors of the new stadium to improve their occasion involvement. AMBSE will likewise work inside a “More astute” Stadium condition where IBM’s framework coordination will empower the operations group to be associated with, and speak with, various stadium courtesies including the new 360 degree, 63,000 square foot HD Video Halo Board, 2,000 video showcases and concessions encounter. This incorporates a more future adaptable system, space reserve funds inside the stadium, power and cooling investment funds that will bring down the carbon impression while expanding operational effectiveness.

“A live occasion is no longer about sitting in a seat and watching an amusement or show, yet a union of physical and computerized encounters for now’s fans who are searching for the most ideal approach to get to a diversion or view highlights from their cell phone, for instance,” said Bridget van Kralingen, Senior Vice President, IBM Global Business Services. “For the new Atlanta stadium, IBM is helping AMBSE reevaluate the experience appreciated by fans, managing them through the stadium while conveying them nearer to what’s occurring on the field.”