According to many service providers the illegal use of non-approved cell phone boosters has been growing at high speed. The problem is that these repeaters are no FCC approved and they and they are not up to mark on safety standards.

Any telecom operator can easily know that which customer has installed cell phone repeater and if it is approved one or not. Fact is that these boosters do lot of bad instead of good in boosting signal, it is seen that many of these cell phone boosters use to destroy signal strength of that area.


Experts have been advising to install branded and FCC approved cell phone repeaters from a long time just because these low quality boosters do lot of harm. One of the experts said that these boosters are not only harming consumer but they are also harming this category of global market.

Installing a branded booster like weBoost or SureCall, can easily solve the reception problem but on other hand if someone is installing cell phone booster which do not carry FCC approval then there is huge possibility that he/she will regret buying one.

Another con of the illegal booster is that they consume lots of electricity which increases the bill amount cuts your pocket with a large scissor. A normal weBoost booster consumes very less electricity in compare to CFL light but an illegal booster can consume five times of same.

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